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Cloudways Hosting Review : +5 Reasons Why You Must Shift To Cloudways

Cloudways Hosting Review : Are you looking for such hosting whose performance is very good and which is affordable as per your budget? Are you looking for such hosting that will speed up your blog or website very fast and at the same time keep your website completely safe from hackers? It provides all these features in Cloudways – Managed Cloud Hosting.

If you are looking for such high performance hosting that will increase the speed of your website, keep your website secure and at the same time maintain the performance of your website, then you must know about Cloudways once. What are its features? What type of hosting service do they provide, what are their plans & pricing? What else makes cloudways different from other hosting companies?

Cloudways Review

Cloudways is a cloud hosting company. It is one of those hosting companies whose focus is on providing the best quality and most functional Managed Cloud WordPress Hosting. Cloudways pays a lot of attention to affordability along with providing good hosting so that it is in the budget. Cloudways’ full focus is on providing Managed Cloud Hosting but it does not provide shared webhosting.

Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways Promises that it never lets your website speed down, which eliminates the headache regarding your WordPress hosting.

You should know that Cloud Hosting is different and expensive from Shared Hosting because when you use shared hosting for your website, your website is hosted on a single server. But this does not happen in Cloud Hosting. In Cloud Hosting, your website data is hosted on multiple servers. So that if any one server goes down, then other servers do not allow your website to down or shut down.

Cloudways is different from other hosting companies because you must have seen that other hosting companies first take money from you and then they allow you to host the website. But Cloudways doesn’t do that. First of all, cloudways gives 3 days free trial to new customers so that you can understand how best cloudways is for your website. Second, they don’t charge you money first. You have to pay at the end of the month as much as you use.

The cheapest plan of Cloudways starts from $10/month.


Cloudways Hosting Features

Speed & Performance

If you are using a simple hosting, then when you shift to cloudways, not only will it increase the performance of your website, but at the same time it will also speed up the speed of your website. If I talk personally, when I used simple hosting for my site, its speed was very slow, but since I shifted to Cloudways, the speed of this site has become very fast (about 1s-3s).


If I talk about the support of cloudways, what kind of support system they provide, then I would like to tell you that their support is very good and of the next level, because I myself have been using cloudways for a long time, so I Whenever there is a problem regarding hosting, I can immediately chat with them live and get them resolved. Cloudways Provides 24X7X365 Live Chat Support. In terms of Support & Help, Cloudways is very good.

Top 5 Popular Cloud Providers

Cloudways works with 5 of the biggest and most popular companies in the Cloud Industry.

  • Google Cloud Services
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Digital ocean
  • Vultr
  • Linode

Cloudways gives you options to choose which Cloud Providers you want to choose, but one thing to note is that the pricing of all Cloud providers is different, in which Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are a bit high and Digital Ocean is in the budget. Of Which is $10/month.

Plans & Pricing

Cloudways has many types of Hosting Plans. Some of which are Cheapest and Affordable while some are for Expensive and High uses. The pricing of Cloudways depends on your uses, the more you use, the more your price will increase but it will not be more than the plan you choose. For example, if you choose Cloudways’ $ 10 / month plan, then you will have to pay as much as you use at the end of the month under $ 10. And you will not have to pay any charge separately.

Digital Ocean Plans & Pricing

Cloudways Digital Ocean Pricing

Google Cloud Plans & Pricing

Clouudways Google Cloud Pricing

AWS Plans & Pricing

Clouudways AWS Pricing

Cloudways Pros & Cons


  • Cloudways 24/7/365 gives you live chat support
  • First use their services then pay.
  • Giving best performance even in the cheapest plan.
  • Host as many websites as you want.
  • Affordable Hosting Plans
  • Providing High Level Security.
  • Easy website hosting.
  • Free SSL
  • Migrating your website easily.
  • Fast Website Speed
  • There is no chance of the website being down.


  • Cloudways does not offer Email Hosting.
  • CDN is not included.
  • Cloudways does not provide any cPanel but does offer Custom Panel.

Why Should You Get Cloudways or Why Shift to Cloudways?

  • Cloudways’ performance is next level.
  • Not one or two unlimited sites can be hosted on Cloudways.
  • Cloudways Ultra Fast provides dedicated servers so that there will be no compromise in performance.
  • You can install WordPress and many other platforms from Cloudways like Drupal, Magento, Jhoomla and many more.
  • The most important thing about Cloudways is that it does not take any Hidden Charges separately, and you can also decide how much you have to spend on hosting monthly, according to which you get performance, storage.

Should You Use Cloudways?

Ofcourse! If you are looking for a hosting platform that gives you highformance hosting as well as lots of features, then cloudways is the best option. After using Cloudways, you will feel very good seeing its performance, speed, features and many other things.

If you are not taking this cloudhosting or are not shifting to this platform, then you are leaving a huge opportunity because this is such a hosting company that you use its services first and then pay the bill next month.
Suppose you have used its services in the month of November, then you will have to get the bill of November in the next month of December, which is a very best thing in itself.

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  1. The user interface by Cloudways is not user-friendly as compared to Plesk/Cpanel provided by other shared hosting companies. For medium large website, it is good option to go with. For small website, I would prefer to use shared hosting, I personally recommend Asphostportal, since they are pretty simple and easy to use.


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