6 Major Reasons Why You Are Feeling Sad

Lifenomic Wellness

Published by Amrit Maurya On 14 feb, 2023

You are chasing those people who don’t value you. You are not necessary in their life.


Instead of thinking in positive ways, you always end up in negative thinking because of which you start feeling sad


Instead of ignoring little bad things, you take them too seriously like if someone says something negative about you then you take them to seriously on yourself.


You Expect a lot from others, and when those expectations are not fulfilled, you start feeling sad.


You live with a lot of tension about your future like What will happen if I will not achieve something big in life and many more fears like this and because of those thoughts and fears you are not living your present. So, if you want to live your life fully then start living in the present and let tomorrow on tomorrow.


And You start feeling sad who you feel lonely when some of your loved ones are detached from you.


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